ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
(2016-06-22, 00:14)hoppel118 Wrote: At the moment the amlogic hardware acceleration works for me as follows:

- h264 - 1080p - bluray rips work as expected
- h264 - 720p - live tv works as expected
- mpeg2 - 576p - dvd rips work as expected
- mpeg2 - 576p - live tv works with one sound drop every minute (software acceleration works as expected)

Think you mean 576i? (Apart from a brief period of use in Australia as an 'HD' format - 576p isn't used for encoding in the mainstream - though some STBs - like Sky HD boxes in the UK - output 576i content at 576p over HDMI - as do some DVD players with HDMI outputs)

What is your set-up when it comes to audio? Do you have an AVR? Are you bit streaming or decoding to PCM?

I run a C2 with an Onkyo NR616 into a Sony UHD TV. I don't have audio drop outs.

The use of software decode for 576i content was because there is a bug in the hardware decode for DVD content (MPEG2 in a VOB container) which causes native interlaced content not to be deinterlaced properly. By moving to software decode wrxtasy was able to software deinterlace using YADIF 2x , which means native interlaced DVDs now play properly.

Native interlaced content in Live TV (i.e. transport stream wrapped) deinterlaces fine in hardware on the C2 - it's just VOB interlaced content that needs to be software decoded and deinterlaced.
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