ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
I use TvHeadend and have amcodec Hardware acceleration set as:
Accelerate MPEG2 - [720p and up]

Because I find 576i mpeg2 TV channel switching with AML is quicker sometimes this way using SD Software decoding and deinterlacing.
720 and up resolution mpeg2 TV content will still be amcodec hardware decoded and hardware deinterlaced.
Pull up the OSD Codec window with a Keyboard and by hitting "O". You will see ff-mpeg2 for Software decoding and DC:am-mpeg2 or am-h264 etc for Hardware decoding.

No idea what is going on with VDR v2.2.0 and VNSI v1.3.1 and Audio dropouts, I have none of these problems with TvHeadend, both with AC3 passthrough and PCM Audio. As the Kodi devs. say, no debug log, then I see no problem.

We also have no idea whatsoever of your Audio setup and my Crystal Ball is broken !

@CardsRock, No idea, that is not my patch and I'm no AML Video Kernel guru. Best bet is ask in the Ubuntu C2 Sub-Forum, Kodi section.

4K content playback is fine here as well. As I run a quality Ethernet Home Network and use Example 4 of the Kodi Video Cache.
how-to:modify_the_video_cache (wiki)

I also use this for a PVR Cache for live TV viewing.

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