ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
Hi @wrxtasy

(2016-06-25, 03:32)wrxtasy Wrote: No expert here with these addons you are using - the Appropriate Addon Sub-Forum would be the place to get very detailed Add-On debug log interpretation. But by the looks of it you have Add-On connection issues to the backend server right from the start of LE and this may be Network IP related.

Yes, seemingly the odroid c2 boots faster than the ethernet connection is ready. Some seconds later the connection to the vdr server gets established.

(2016-06-25, 03:32)wrxtasy Wrote: Then the VDR addon complains about the Application Programming Interface (API) version used that the server actually prefers.

This is only an information coming up because of the new pvr api introduced by kodi 16. With krypton (and a new stable version of the VNSI-Client) and a new version of the VNSI-Server this should be solved. This is not an error.

(2016-06-25, 03:32)wrxtasy Wrote: You would really have to look on my GitHub and compare the Addon versions used between the LE 7.0 on the C2 and LE 7.0 on the RPi's. They should be exactly the same.

Which addons exactly do you mean? VNSI-Server (v1.3.1) and VNSI-Client (v1.11.16) are the stable versions.

(2016-06-25, 03:32)wrxtasy Wrote: What I can say is that I would be playing around with Static and DHCP IP configurations on any router connected to the C2. Some users have had issues with stable connections and MySQL when changing between DHCP and Static IP addresses (see the MySQL thread on LE C2 forum).

After setting up the odroid a sesond time 5 days ago, I made a lot of checks
  • changed the ip configuration from dhcp to static without success
  • installed my homeserver next to the odroid in the living room with a crossover-cable without success

The vdr works fine with software decoding activated on the odroid c2 and other machines with windows 10 as the os also work really flawless. My conclusion is that the problem doesn't rely on my network connection. There must be something wrong with the way the vdr server or vnsi brings the mpeg2 stream to kodi.

(2016-06-25, 03:32)wrxtasy Wrote: Consulting the VDR Addon Sub-forum would probably get you more help....

OK, I will open a new thread.

Anyway, I want to thank you for your hard work to get the odroid c2 to work with libreelec and your overall support. At the moment my "problem" is more of a cosmetic kind. Thanks a lot!

Greetings Hoppel
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