ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
(2016-06-27, 01:47)infinity85 Wrote: Your procedure with lircmap.xml is actually correct. But "KEY_EPG" should be the context menu button (sounds weird, but is true). In your case since I guess that you mapped this particular button KEY_EPG for your needs to PVROSDGuide. Well... this blocks the button then for the actual context menu function.

But you can work around it. As you need the PVROSDGuide mapping of KEY_EPG only while watching LiveTV, you can alter this mapping with your Lircmap.xml and especially in a custom remote.xml in this its particular LiteTV-xml-section. Look at my Lircmap.xml and remote.xml:

<remote device="devinput">
    <xbox>KEY_HOME</xbox> -- mappt die EXIT Taste der Harmony mit remote.xml als Homebutton! >
    <select>KEY_OK</select> -- Hilfsmap für remote.xml: Dort wirds als OSD Channel list im LiveTV interpretiert >
    <hash>KEY_1</hash> -- mappt die cmd1 DisplayTaste der Harmony mit remote.xml als Untertiteldownload >
    <volumeplus>KEY_2</volumeplus> -- mappt Cmd2 displaytaste der Harmony mit remote.xml als SubtitleShiftUp >
    <enter>KEY_VCR</enter> -- mappt die Guide Taste der Harmony mit remote.xml als EPG im Fernsehen und als Filmliste bei Filmen >
    <playlist>KEY_3</playlist> -- mappt toggle watched auf die +-clear-Taste der Harmony neben der 0 in der remote.xml >
    <volumeminus>KEY_4</volumeminus> -- mappt Cmd4 displaytaste der Harmony mit remote.xml als SubtitleShiftDown >
    <teletext>KEY_5</teletext> -- Videodatenbank aktualisieren gemappt auf Harmony E(nter) Taste neben der 0 in remote.xml >
    <star>KEY_6</star> -- togglet den gewählten OpenVPN-Server. Mappt auf remote.xml>    
    <!--star>KEY_7</star--> -- mappt die cmd7 DisplayTaste der Harmony mit Hilfe der remote.xml zum neuladen der keymaps ohne neustart >

        <green>ActivateWindow(Videos,MovieTitles,return)</green> -- startet ueber die gruene taste direkt die Filmliste, auch wenn vorher mal Genre usw an war! >
        <red>Action(PlayPvrTV)</red> -- startet direkt in Vollbild LiveTV, und per OK kann man OSD Kanalliste starten >
        <star>RunScript(service.network.openvpn,toggle)</star> -- mappt von der Lircmap.xml die cmd6 taste der lircd.conf und togglet somit den gewählten OpenVPN-Server>    
        <!--star>Action(reloadkeymaps)</star--> -- mappt das Aktualisieren der keymap.xml und lircmap.xml auf die cmd7 taste! >
        <select>ActivateWindow(PVROSDChannels)</select> -- dadurch kann man mitten Im Fullscreen LiveTV per OK Taste die OSD Kanalliste anzeigen >
        <enter>ActivateWindow(TVGuide)</enter> -- KEY_ENTER ist die Harmony Guide taste in der licd.conf und mit enter in remote.xml verbunden. Dadurch wird nur im TV Vollbildschirm das EPG aufgerufen >
        <hash>ActivateWindow(SubtitleSearch)</hash> -- mappt die cmd1 DisplayTaste der Harmony mit remote.xml als Untertiteldownload >

An example:
1. In lircmap.xml I have the buttons KEY_OK mapped to <select> for remote.xml
2. in remote.xml I take this <select> (which is actually KEY_OK thanks to lircmap.xml) and map it to PVROSDChannels BUT in the <FullscreenLiveTV> section. So the OK button on my remote will function in GUI and during Movies as the usual OK respectively ENTER button, for navigation and for options. But only during LiveTV it will show an OSD List with all the channels to choose. In fact if you choose a channel and press the OK button it will function as OK to actually tune the channel and not as the mapped PVROSDChannels function (so it's fortunately absolutely intuitive).

You will have to transfer this example to your situation. As I don't have mapped the KEY_EPG button in my lircmap.xml I apparently agree with its default mapping, so... you could perhaps just leave the KEY_EPG button (which is strangely not really starting the EPG per default) as is, thus without any changed mapping. And just take some other button from the namespace like KEY_VCR (which is not really used I think, or at least not useful mapped per default) for your favourite PVROSDChannels button. Just open your storage\Configfiles\lircd.conf and exchange the current KEY_EPG there with KEY_VCR. Then you can map this KEY_VCR the same way as I did this in my lircmap.xml to a particular button in remote.xml.

But of cource KEY_EPG is gone then I think (but try it first... perhaps it depends in which section it is in remote.xml). You'll then have to allocate in lircd.conf your Harmony button which you want to use for Contextmenu and then assign this line the KEY_EPG. Then contextmenu will work out of the box. Just don't remap anywhere in lircmap.xml the KEY_EPG.

Here is my lircd.conf (Harmony 900):

# Please make this file available to others
# by sending it to <[email protected]>
# this config file was automatically generated
# using lirc-0.9.1-git(default) on Thu Jun 25 17:39:38 2015
# contributed by
# brand: KLS                      /storage/.config/lircd.conf
# model no. of remote control: VDR 1.6
# devices being controlled by this remote: VDR 1.6 (Videorekorder --> PVR Gerät in Harmony)

begin remote

  name  /storage/.config/lircd.conf
  bits           13
  eps            30
  aeps          100

  one           906   871
  zero          906   871
  plead         900
  gap          113816
  min_repeat      2
  suppress_repeat 4  # war eigentlich auskommentiert!
#  uncomment to suppress unwanted repeats
  toggle_bit_mask 0x800

      begin codes
          KEY_NUMERIC_0            0x12C0    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste 0
          KEY_NUMERIC_1            0x12C1    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste 1
          KEY_NUMERIC_2            0x12C2    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste 2
          KEY_NUMERIC_3            0x12C3    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste 3
          KEY_NUMERIC_4            0x12C4    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste 4
          KEY_NUMERIC_5            0x12C5    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste 5
          KEY_NUMERIC_6            0x12C6    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste 6
          KEY_NUMERIC_7            0x12C7    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste 7
          KEY_NUMERIC_8            0x12C8    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste 8
          KEY_NUMERIC_9            0x12C9    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste 9
          KEY_EXIT                 0x12E2    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste Prev (zurück)
          KEY_EPG                  0x02C9    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste Menu (Contextmenü)
          KEY_OK                   0x02C8    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste OK
          KEY_UP                   0x02C4    #HarmonyOriginal: Cursor Hoch
          KEY_DOWN                 0x02C5    #HarmonyOriginal: Cursor Runter
          KEY_RIGHT                0x02C7    #HarmonyOriginal: Cursor Rechts
          KEY_LEFT                 0x02C6    #HarmonyOriginal: Cursor Links
          KEY_VCR                  0x02CB    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste Guide (Overlay)
          KEY_RED                  0x02C0    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste rot (LiveTV)
          KEY_GREEN                0x02C1    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste grün (Filme)
          KEY_YELLOW               0x02C2    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste gelb (Musik)
          KEY_BLUE                 0x02C3    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste blau (Bilder)
          KEY_CHANNELUP            0x12E0    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste Kanal+
          KEY_CHANNELDOWN          0x12E1    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste Kanal-
          KEY_INFO                 0x02CC    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste Info
          KEY_HOME                 0x02CA    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste Exit (Kodi Homebildschirm in Verbindung mit remote.xml und Lircmap.xml)
          KEY_STOP                 0x12F6    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste Stop
          KEY_RECORD               0x12F7    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste Rec
          KEY_PLAY                 0x12F5    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste Play
          KEY_PAUSE                0x12F3    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste Pause
          KEY_NEXT                 0x12F1    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste Skip
          KEY_PREVIOUS             0x12F0    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste Replay
          KEY_FASTFORWARD          0x12F4    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste Fwd
          KEY_REWIND               0x12F2    #HarmonyOriginal: Taste Rew
          KEY_LANGUAGE             0x02D1    #HarmonyOriginal: ImDisplay: Audio (Audiospuren toggln)
          KEY_SUBTITLE             0x02D2    #HarmonyOriginal: ImDisplay: Untertitel (Untertitel toggln)
          KEY_0                       0x02CD    #HarmonyOriginal: ImDisplay: Commands
          KEY_1                       0x02F0    #HarmonyOriginal: ImDisplay: Cmd1
          KEY_2                       0x02F1    #HarmonyOriginal: ImDisplay: Cmd2
          KEY_3                      0x02F2    #HarmonyOriginal: ImDisplay: Cmd3
          KEY_4                       0x02F3    #HarmonyOriginal: ImDisplay: Cmd4
          KEY_5                    0x02F4    #HarmonyOriginal: ImDisplay: Cmd5
          KEY_6                     0x02F5    #HarmonyOriginal: ImDisplay: Cmd6
          KEY_7                       0x02F6    #HarmonyOriginal: ImDisplay: Cmd7
          KEY_8                       0x02F7    #HarmonyOriginal: ImDisplay: Cmd8
          KEY_9                       0x02F8    #HarmonyOriginal: ImDisplay: Cmd9
          KEY_CHANNEL              0x02D3    #HarmonyOriginal: ImDisplay: Channels
          KEY_POWER                0x12CC    #HarmonyOriginal: ImDisplay: Aus (triggert Aus per Software für CEC...also RemotePi sonderskript für Softwareshutdown nötig!)
          KEY_POWER2               0x12CB    #HarmonyOriginal: ImDisplay: Ein (Auf RemotePiBoard programmiert Kaltstart)
          KEY_SUSPEND              0x128C    #HarmonyOriginal: ImDisplay: Ein-/Ausschalten (RemotePiBoard auf Aus Programmiert (für alle Fälle, aber dank "Software Aus" nicht nötig)
          KEY_PVR                  0x02CE    #HarmonyOriginal: ImDisplay: Recordings
          KEY_SETUP                0x02D0    #HarmonyOriginal: ImDisplay: Setup
          KEY_TIME                 0x02CF    #HarmonyOriginal: ImDisplay: Zeitgeber
      end codes
end remote

I chose this harmony profile:
Device: PVR
Brand: KLS
Model: VDR 1.6

The reason is that I have round about 10 programmable buttons left, that I can map to what I want. The Media Center SE thing is working out of the box quite well, but there are not more enough buttons to map them to functions like subtitle download or VPN On/Off or Audiostream switching and so on.

Lets say you decide to take over my config... you would just need to copy those 3 files I posted above and but them into the given directories. They will override the default mappings only for the buttons that are mentioned in those files (all others remain mapped default). You would just need to add the KLS VDR 1.6 device in your harmony remote. I'm just not sure how big the differences are between my old Harmony 900 and your new model.

Try to play around with this info and if there are still questions, I'll try to sort them out Wink.

Thank you very much for all your information and ideas. PVROSDChannels looks really cool in <FullscreenLiveTV> with AEON Nox.

Got it all to work, no more questions. Now I can use more functions I ever believed. Big Grin

Greetings from Schleswig-Holstein

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