ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
(2016-07-18, 13:32)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2016-07-16, 22:12)asavah Wrote: @wrxtasy
Do you know anything about Kodi-Krypton on C2?
A wip fork, a forum thread or something?
I know Jarvis runs fine with amcodec, yesterday I made a build of my little hobby OS, which I'm not making public cause it's not good enough yet, and Kodi runs like a charm.
(I stole the whole bunch of Kodi patches from your LE repo Tongue )

But Krypton fails miserably with amcodec, a few frames are shown and then it just stalls...
Afaik it's due to the huge changes in kodi architecture.
Yes I will be looking at it again soon.
I've been a bit busy getting the C2 Kernel into shape with AML updates as these will be required for Krypton and Codesnake's Kodi AMLogic changes.

Not a big fan of Krypton at the moment due to the number of A/V code changes for AML, that have broken a bunch of Kodi features.

Currently testing new Firmware for the LE on the C2, updated OpenGL r6p1 video drivers from AML and HK have given LE a very nice speed bump, particularly when using HDMI-CEC control. Smile

Thanks for the info, I've already grabbed everything new I found, mali drivers, aml libs, kernel patches and etc. from your LE7 repo and some other places, made a full backport of changes required to build jarvis with aarch64/gcc-5.4 cross-toolchain (pesky #if defined guards !) and a large etc. I've read your threads on odroid forums and tried your LE images - work really nice.
However cross-building stuff and specially kodi is a hobby for me, that's why I asked about krypton.
Currently I build krypton from popcornmix's repo for my pi's and having to maintain 2 different packages with different set of dependencies is a pain.

Well, Jarvis with your patches is a beast, it's vpu can eat anything I've thrown at it so far, really nice, guess I'll wait untill I see some updates to make krypton usable on c2.

Thanks for your hard and excellent work.
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