ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
I have a Zotac ND22 in the bedroom running LibreELEC and a RPi2 with OSMC in the living room sharing the contents of an attached 5TB USB drive. Using SMB, the RPi2 streams even my highest bit rate 1080p content quite well to the ND22 in the bedroom via two DLink 701AV powerline adapters. Knowing that the ethernet jack of the RPi2 was only 10/100, however, while everything else in the chain was gigabit I figured that using the 10/100/1000-equipped C2 (with wrxtasy's latest 7.1.0 release) should stream HD media equally as well and, certainly, even marginally faster since the RPi2 would be acting as the network bottleneck if there was one. Much to my surprise, after running a few tests it became quite evident that the technically superior C2 was only serving media HALF as fast (if that) than the otherwise inferior RPi2.

Am I missing settings somewhere that, by default, is crippling the C2's SMB performance?
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