ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
(2016-09-27, 14:06)chrispe Wrote: @carmik

I got a c2 to Greece from pollin.de

70€ odroid bundle + 12€ shipping cost - 5€ discount if register their newsletter= 77€

Thanks for the info Chris. A question here. Is it cheaper getting it from pollin, compared to getting it from HardKernel (Korea I presume)? Customs issues perhaps?

(2016-09-27, 23:32)infinity85 Wrote: @carmik
Perhaps this offer could be something for you...:
It includes an 8GB eMMC though :/ but actually... Fast micro sd cards are pretty snappy too, so perhaps you could consider the need an expensive eMMC.
Looking into it as well, perhaps bundled with some sandisk Ultra SD cards, to cut down costs.

Quote:Regarding the powe connector, why do you hate it? The C2 can also be powered via microusb like the raspberries.
This is a bit confusing: I also prefer USB type power connectors, but doesn't C2 use a round, mini-DIN pin-like connector? In the Hardkernel site the charger sold had a round connector, see: http://www.hardkernel.com/main/products/...4402211758
Can C2 be charged directly from USB as well?

EDIT: Strike that out, after reading the product description it seems that C2 accepts both micro-USB as well as mini-DIN type chargers for power supply.

Quote:If 3D capabilities are important for you, you should bear in mind that this might be the only field where C2 can't (and perhaps won't) cope with Raspberry Pi series. Everything else is - thanks to wrxtasy - simply great and getting greater Big Grin
Well, wrxtasy has got me solid on C2 Smile I will buy 4 units, so the only question will be which will be the cheapest way, including avoiding customs. I had my mind set in ordering directly from Hard Kernel, but I see here people prefer palin.de?

Damn...I could listen to/read your stuff for hours Big Grin
Please wrxtasy... Upload this noggins knowledge book somewhere haha Wink
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