ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
(2016-10-09, 17:58)Jeffers24 Wrote:
(2016-10-09, 16:03)Vitalero Wrote: ODROID C2 - 40$
5V/2A Power Supply EU Plug - 5.50$
Black Case - 4.50$
WiFi Module 4 - 14$
IR Remote Controller - 4$

I think I misunderstood regarding WiFi.
I am gonna use an Ethernet cable for the ODROID.
But I would like to have WiFi in the living room, since the router is in another room, Will this WiFi usb dongle broadcast WiFi from the box?
OR do I have to get another router / wifi extender/ wifi booster to do that ?

Also the IR remote is only IR, I guess its not like them "air mouse" , im gonna get the T3 but then that means I cant turn off the "box" with the T3. So basically just using 2 remotes?
I have a mini keyboard and mouse in the living room but its not really comfortable and we wanted to swap it all for just one remote with "air mouse" control like the T3

I would recommend going for a box with 2GB/16GB of memory, if you are only streaming 16GB will be more than you need, 8GB would also be more than enough and you would not need external storage.

I would recommend against a box with 1GB RAM, with your budget there is no reason to go for a box with less than 2GB of RAM. If you go for 1GB might regret doing so later.

I don't know why you are looking at a board and then you have to buy all the extras, power supply + case + cables ethernet and HDMI + SD Card which may double your cost. When you can buy a decent 2GB/16GB that comes in a case with all the extras.

If you don't want to risk the S912 with Android 6.x, go for an S905 with Android 5.x such as the Beelink Mini MX111.

Most if not all of the boxes in your budget will most probably not support what you want to do from one room to another over Wi-Fi, the built in Wi-Fi in the boxes in your budget is normally pretty weak. I'd suggest trying Wi-Fi but be prepared to buy an extender that you can plug into the mains sockets by your router and by your box location then you can connect via Ethernet.

Hey Jeffers,
Yeah i am aiming for a 2GB one, I also have a new MicroSD 32GB class 10 that I never used and just sitting waiting in its wrap, also have HDMI cable, ethernet cable. might find a power supply.
Just from reading all the reviews here it sounds like the ready boxes are having issues with audio and not supporting some stuff,, the ODROID C2 will be about 75$ with everything and shipping, a Beelink Mini MXIII 47$ with shipping. I dont mind spending extra 30$ if that means it will get fully supported and plays everything. Also Beelink only supports OpenELEC which is dead by whats were told to me earlier, So that means staying with the android rom that they give which can be buggy. [IF ill get only the ODROID with the black case and the remote its gonna be 60$] I want to have the T3 like on the post you recommended, but that means having 2 remotes, one to shut it down and one to use.

Have you had such a device? Overall im just gonna need Kodi and Youtube thats it. maybe web browsing once in a while, not planning to play games or anything on it, got my Xbox One for that
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