ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
(2016-10-12, 15:47)wrxtasy Wrote: It not a question of LibreELEC / AMLogic Kodi not properly supporting Resolution modes, or you providing valid ones. But a question of the EDID modes the AMLogic Linux Kernel supports.
This is what AMLogic S9XX Kernels support via a EDID handshake:

HDMI 1.4:

HDMI 2.0:

Basically there is nothing I can do for the custom display modes you want to use. I'm not about to spend hours on custom Kernel work with Kernel code I know nothing about.

LibreELEC Kodi, and AMlogic primarily caters to the media player market. With devices connected to TV's. Users with Monitors, that need custom display modes are definitely not their target market.

I'm afraid you will have to find another solution.

I fully agree with you about hacking kernel code, I'm looking to fix this and I think I found an easy answer, simply modifying the code that reads disp_cap so that it looks for a user generated one first and then the default, this allows a user to create one in /storage/.config/disp_cap and over-ride the EDID detection if it has issues. I'd like to see if this works (as it should be a 4 or 5 line change to EGLNativeTypeAmlogic.cpp) simply have if first check for a user version and then the version in /sys that way it would not affect anyone unless they actually forced it, in fact it could even combine the 2, but I think simply replacing it is the easiest.

Here is where I'm planning to make the changes:
bool CEGLNativeTypeAmlogic:TonguerobeResolutions(std::vector<RESOLUTION_INFO> &resolutions)
std:Confusedtring valstr;
SysfsUtils::GetString("/sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/disp_cap", valstr);
std::vector<std:Confusedtring> probe_str = StringUtils::Split(valstr, "\n");

Problem is to test I need to compile a copy of the code base to verify this will work as I expect, so that is my plan for the weekend. Been a while since I've worked in C, but the change should be straight forward.

Quick question are the changes for memory, CPU ... from this thread checked into the git repository?, if not where would I get that code? Also any suggestions before I try to build it for the first time? for instance PROJECT and ARCH settings for the ODRIOD2.

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