ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
(2016-12-28, 16:43)Stereodude Wrote: Well, my biggest reason to potentially get a C2 to replace my rPi 3 is the sluggishness of the rPi 3 compared to the Chromebox and other Intel Haswell based solutions in booting and navigating the UI. If I'm going to replace the hardware for more speed I'm going all the way, not half steps. I'd pay the extra $20 to maximize the performance. I don't want a fan. Otherwise I have an Intel Haswell box I could use.

However, it looks like trying to use the C2 in my setup is going to be a typical Linux headache. Nothing ever just works. Confused I'm not sure if I want to open Pandora's box (again) and get forced way too deep into the underpinnings of Linux in order to make it work.

I switched from a NetTop to the odroid C2 for better support and quality HEVC playback. I too had worries about the responsiveness of the C2 but the C2 is extremely fast (in combination with the 8GB eMMC). Installation was very simple. I used the builds wrxtasy so kindly provides and didn't have to tinker with the underlying OS (unfortunately Tongue Tongue ).

So if you don't have "exotic" media files or high end sound setups and just want to enjoy your media the C2 is the cheapest en simplest solution. Get one! Big Grin
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