ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
I have updated (.update/ folder) to 7.1.2 from December's 7.1.1 and after restarting C2 I had only the HARDKERNEL logo and then a black screen. After a few seconds a No Signal message on my TV. I have switched the inputs on my TV back and forth and the C2 picture came up. However, the screen is being displayed only on the upper part of the screen. It's squeezed vertically. The bottom of the screen is black. Once I go to settings and change the video resolution back and forth the picture is being displayed correctly. However, after another reboot it's displaying only on a half of the screen again. It happens when the display is set to 1080p60hz.
If I change it to let's say 1080i60hz or 1080i50hz and restart, the No Signal issue remains, however, after going back and forth with the signal inputs on my TV pictures pops up correctly (full screen).

kodi.log -> http://sprunge.us/HSJR
boot.ini -> http://sprunge.us/jXGY

On the 7.1.1 problem did not occur.
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