ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
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I guess pulling the plug causes this problem with bluetooth. I have to test if bluetooth works immediately after normal shutdown and reboot.

It takes a long time before bluetooth remote works even after normal reboot via Kodi. Confused
It is the same for me. Using a harmony Hub to connect to the C2 with a generic CSR 4.0 bluetooth USB-dongle and it takes ~10s after boot to be able to control kodi. This is really a pity :/. On the other hand the responsiveness is superior to IR in any way.

@3D topic of the last posts
I don't share the opinion that you need a big screen for enjoying it. If you watch the movie "Gravity" I bet you will be stunned by its 3D picture no matter how big/small the TV is.

For me it is always like: If the movie has no 3D version, then fine, 2D is nice. If the movie has a 3D version (no matter if converted or native), I want to see it, because I think nowadays the director and producers put a lot of scenes into a movie that are supposed to be seen in 3D. That means that the scenes would've been shot another way if they were only meant to be seen in 2D. Especially in Doctor Strange there are sooo many scenes, where I noticed that they were intentionally shot the way they are just because of the 3D target.
Sure, it is not necessary, but once the producer decides to make a 3D version, then it is certain that in 2D you will see many scenes that seem to be strange or not completely necessary the way they appear to you or lets say these scenes seem to be a second too long and you might think "why might this shot have gotten this extra second in the movie? It seems to have a high priority for the director? Aaaah... it was meant to be seen in 3D".

Of course, the first 3D movies like "Journey to the Center of the Earth (3D)" were just a gimmick, where the plot and the directors handcraft had low priority, it was just about 3D and money making. But currently all the 3D effects on blockbusters aren't exaggerated, rather utilized in a smart way. And still I prefer original 2D movies, and I'm happy if the movie I want to watch in cinema has no 3D version. But if there is a 3D version, it is a must have for me. It's comparable to Stereo vs. DTS or now the new Atmos. Nobody complains about 5.1 (3D Sound), but so many complain about 3D video.

I've got a lot of 3D movies and I'm really dissappointed that I don't have the skills to implement MVC and Framepacked functionality to the C2, which is apart from that an almost perfect little mediacenter monster.

I think the real problem lots of us have with 3D in the home is that you need glasses, and our screens aren't big enough to give you the fully immersive experience. I can't watch active 3D screens because I'm quite sensitive to flicker - and the shuttering of the glasses makes me feel really uncomfortable. Our current first gen Sony UHD display offers passive 3D with Full HD resolution and is more comfortable for me to watch - but I still 'see the edges' where the 3D effect breaks down (whereas in a cinema the screen fills more of my field of view) and have to wear glasses (and I wear glasses anyway - so two pairs of glasses quickly gets quite boring) I've probably watched 3 3D movies on our TV - but I've watched a lot more UHD content.

For me the comparison of 2D vs 3D isn't the same as stereo vs 5.1 or 5.1 vs Atmos because the 3D viewing experience requires you to wear glasses, 2D doesn't. For audio you do the same thing whether you are listening to 2.0, 5.1, 7.1 or Atmos-style stuff - no need to wear additional gear. That's a big issue.

In Europe 3D TV has died - the 3D sports coverage that was driving adoption has stopped. 3D movies are now limited to on-demand services and Blu-ray (Sky closed their 3D sports and 3D movies channels ages ago). As each generation of new TVs arrive, fewer models support 3D. I think its time has probably passed. UHD and HDR however I think stand a better chance of success. (Personally I think 1080p HDR is also definitely worth pursuing)
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