ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
(2017-01-30, 10:16)wrxtasy Wrote: Time to go looking for a decently priced 2017 3D TV then from a Major Manufacturer...what where have they all gone ? - the way of the dinosaur !
This was not the question to educate people that features that won't work must be shitty. Its like the same discussion style as the Apple evangelists tell you years that a mouse with more than one button is rubbish. (Because Apple had only a mouse with one button)
Quote:I hope you are watching 3D with a projector screen- because in reality that is the only way to view 3D properly for the full immersion effect. Any other viewing method is just playing with Tonka Toys otherwise.
(Your statement tells me that you've never seen a cleanly adjusted passive 3D TV.)
I'm watching 3D with an 65" LG UHD (passive 3D with 3840x1024) and have the luxus to sit ~1,5m from the telly as long as i'm take the time for watching intensivly a film. All people, that have seen my telly says, that the feeling is more intensive than in the cinema. Shure, its not for the familiy or watching brain dead with sixpack and fellows, but if you have the luxus to sit alone for the telly...
3D was a not-needed feature for me, i had this never seen, nor wanted, but i had get this as "addon" with the TV, and now my opinion is: its a lot more Wow and Aaaah than 4k/HDR.
Quote:The word Niche sums up 3D succinctly in 2017 Wink
Yeah, but how many people have a brand new 2017 mode without 3Dl? Do all the 3D Blu Ray now burn to dust? We are talking about a global use as Mediastation, someone will play sound losseless until 192kHz (i assume a lot fewer as watching 3D = niche) and others playing 128kB mp3. Someone use KODI only as a front end for streaming stations or with tuner and others playing only stuff from NAS.
Quote:I need to add more detail for another limitation with the RPi's:
- shared USB2 / 100M Ethernet bus with 11MB/s bandwidth limitations. Not so good for a File Server / Mini NAS.
Why should someone setup the Kodibox as an additional NAS? Makes no sense to me. Even an Odroid is really senseless. Only as an example, the old Zyxel NSA320 was selled in Europe for ~50 EUR, you have the proper PSU for the harddisks, the proper case and performance, that runs cirdles about the RPi/Odorid/Banana-stuff
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