ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
Just to be clear...and squash any 3D AMLogic hopes in the process... Wink

Full 1080p 3D (MVC) has never worked on AMLogic devices. The best you could get was Half Resolution 3D, unless I've been given the wrong feedback. Purchasers of ODROID C2's or any AMlogic devices should have known about this for a long time now. Its even written down in Post#2 of this very thread.

AMLogic themselves are not interested in 3D. No AML LE developer is interested any longer either. Most of us devs. do not even have 3D display hardware and will not be buying any new, non-existant 3D hardware either to support the format. 3D really is dead on AMLogic Hardware period.

I will state - there will be NO 3D MVC ISO support whatsoever for LibreELEC Kodi Krypton on any AMLogic devices. And very likely no support going further forward either. The underlying Kodi code has simply changed too much.

Users need to buy/keep using a RPi3 or some other platform if they want Niche - 1080p 3D MVC ISO support otherwise yes all those special 3D Blurays users have purchased are worthless as a format to watch in 1080p 3D on AMLogic hardware.

All these 3D Android devices you see on the Kodi forums are very narrow focus specific niche products. The Sellers have to support 3D MVC to try and distinguish themselves from the Android pack. These types of devices:
- get no 1080p/4K Netflix / Amazon / VUDU.
- No Google Android TV OS Licence.
- Do not distribute code to Kodi for mainstream 3D MVC support.
- Have no ability to even run LibreELEC Kodi.

So they have to do something special, even if the overall 3D media player market is small and shrinking.

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