ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
(2017-02-14, 10:16)Kevinkuensken Wrote: OK CPU OC is no Problem.But ddr3 RAM OC i dont understand.my english is Bad.can i make only Dezember libreelec RAM OC?
I know all the personal builds that I put out have the RAM Overclocking abilities in them meaning All the 7.1 Jarvis and 8.x Kodi Krypton media_builds.

(2017-02-14, 10:20)Vimes Wrote: @wrxtasy - I really did not want to be spoon fed this information but with what you posted about overcolcking is what I have been searching for regarding the C2.

I was able to find a lot of information and guides to the overclocking of the Pi3 using the config file, I didn't bother about overclocking the SD reader but everything else was boosted. I overvolted by 4 and it was stable, if a little hot, for a long time.

But for the C2 I have not as yet found much in the way of guides or information on what values can be applied and tested for stability etc including values for the RAM and GPU, perhaps even adding extra voltage if required or possible.

Are you aware of any such guides...?

Thanks Smile
No guides as such. With the default 1.680GHz value I set in the boot.ini above I have not have any complaints and this seems a stable setup when I use eMMC. I can go to 1.752GHz as well without issues.
Some C2 users are even reporting with latter C2 S905 SoC's being able to use 1.896GHz without a fan.

Really it up to everyone to experiment. The C2 will either boot or lockup I've found, it will not tip toe around, teasing you and then crash when using Kodi.

For a Historical context, this was the thread where AMLogic S9xx SoC GHz values were found to be deceptively marketed:

Guess what a bunch of AML S9xx sellers are still using for Marketing S9xx's: 2GHz


At this point we have to call such sellers liars, as the AML S905(x) has been known for quite a while now to run standard at 1.536GHz

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