ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
I continue to be impressed by this C2.

Using the hardware guide it didn't some with any nasty surprises, although I would have liked the Turtle Beach USB sound stick to have worked better with optical out for DTS and DD.
However using a HDMI audio extractor it does work fine.
As noted the kernel is not up to the levels enjoyed by my Pi 3 and so USB peripheral support might be a little hit and miss.

But with a 16GB eMMC card for LibreELEC 7.95.3 the C2 is very fast and responsive, using their remote it works well. The CEC support is great with that remote. Switching the TV on and off with the remote and controlling the on and off with the C2 makes it a breeze to use.
Its is nice to also enjoy hevc hardware decoding, the Pi got more than toasty and jittery with its lack of hardware support.

Considering its cost I'm very happy with a LibreELEC supported C2, it does make life so much easier having a well supported piece of hardware for Kodi needs.

Thanks again for your hardware guide wrxtasy and support.
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