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(2017-02-27, 04:03)wrxtasy Wrote: I've never had an issue with the OE/LE S805/S905 ODROID C1/C2 and fractional (23.976 / 29.97 / 59.94fps) video output so long as:

a) Kodi dynamic refresh switching is working.
b) The display's 24p movie mode gets activated.
c) AMLogic's Frame Rate Automation is enabled in Firmware.

We would have seen the forums awash with thousands of AML users complaining if 24p was not working correctly.

I have reverted some Audio patches in LE Krypton versions I use because I had to set an approx +200ms adjustment otherwise - even when directly connected to my TV. It was the first time I had ever had to do that. A new common AML Linux Kernel is used for Hub / Play2 / C2 LE Kodi Krypton.
Kodi Krypton.
The reverted Audio fixed the issue for me.

Interestingly Kodi has a 175ms Video latency delay hardcoded into it as standard for 23.976 / 24fps video:

Thanx for your answer.
Could you explain what you mean by "have reverted some Audio patches".
Before there has been a +200ms audio being out of sync, which has been solved now?

And can I (or do I have to) manually change the 175ms latency to 0 in the advanced settings to have audio and video in sync?
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