ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
@noggin and @wrxtasy
Thank you for the detailed answers!

Intel VAAPI-MCDI looks really much better then RPi2 MMAL-Advanced. Regular users probably wont spot so easily the difference, as MMAL-Advanced is already beautiful. But running side by side with the same content (Live TV pass feed [email protected]) MCDI looks better, it is very smooth, and natural. For me the MMAL-Advance is not enough as I use DVB-S2 and DVB-T only with Kodi and VDR/Tvh.

I guess it remains to test the C2's Advanced Motion Adaptive Edge Enhancing Hardware deinterlacing and see how does it compare to Intel's MCDI.

Upscaling: family still watches some SD content Live TV (no HD available), it is not required for me at all. I also watch only 720p or 1080p/i. Lanczos3 Optimized is really great for poor SD Live TV (51" Samsung plasma screen). It is way nicer then Rpi. Anyway, SD on 51" plasma is a joke, no matter of upscaling.

4K is not needed for me at all. I do need h265 10bit encoding (and hopefully output too), as I would like to be able to play h265 10bit content on 1080p.

Andorid is not an option at all, only LE, since I need stable Tvh client (backend running on home server). Nice to hear full CEC support, I use my TV's remote to control TV, Kodi and AVR (well, AVR over network too, Denon).

I'm not sure if Odroid handles audio passthrough the same way as Intel: if audio passthrough is enabled, then Sync Playback to Display is turned OFF by Kodi. However, for perfect playback, it is best to keep Sync Playback to Display ON, and send PCMI multi channel audio to AVR. This would work with C2, correct?

I read the hw section, but you guys have really a lot experience, how does the Wetek (the strongest, Play 2?) comes in comparison with C2, and Intel, considering live TV deinterlacing?
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