ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
No need for Sync Playback to display with AMLogic - they use Frame Rate Automation and manipulate the HDMI clock for Fractional Refresh Rates (23.976 / 29.97 / 59.94fps) for smooth video playback.
I've never touched that option ever on AMLogic devices.

AML LE Krypton on has had a LOT of video Sync work put into it. Kodi now has more control vs bypass rendering that AML Kodi Jarvis was using.

Unable to answer about Multichannel PCM Audio. I've no AVR. Reports are it all works, as well as HD Audio Passthrough.

10bit HEVC decoding but color is dithered to 8bit output. I don't have a 10bit Display / TV anyway

All AML S9xx devices will implement the same deinterlacing.

C2 has better CEC control due to Hardkernel giving us Open Source U-boot code vs any other AML S905.
Also we can Overclock both CPU and RAM with the C2, due to that big heatsink. Not currently possible on any other S9xx's.

Every bit helps Smile

Recommend eMMC Flash Storage if you want decent snappy speed after coming from Intel, that likely had HDD or SSD storage.

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