ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
(2017-12-04, 10:25)wrxtasy Wrote: 64bit setups only = compatible with official C2 LibreELEC Krypton.


This is for those that really like to push their devices. I've added a Hardkernel bootloader voltage test patch so you can very likely Overclock the C2 and run stable now at 1.752GHz with the standard (pretty decent) C2 Heatsink.

The boot.ini file on SD/eMMC will have to be modified as well to
setenv max_freq "1752"

My own C2 sits between 55-65 degrees C SoC temperatures.

While you are at it, SSH in and give the GPU a 792MHz tweak as well:
echo "echo 5 > /sys/class/mpgpu/cur_freq" >> /storage/.config/autostart.sh"
That setup should give a wee speed bump after rebooting.
That combo has been running stable for me the last three days. Smile

Also included is this testing .tar update is an autoswitch Resolution Downgrade test patch that @Koying is using in test versions of SPMC 17.6a2:

CHG: Allow to downgrade resolution commit

If a users display supports lower resolutions like 720p25, 720p30 etc LE will now auto resolution switch downwards for playback of SD content.
(or from 4K ---> 1080p)
This is useful if you want your 1080p or 4K TV to do picture upscaling using its superior upscaling hardware vs the media player. You want the media player to output the lowest resolution to match the source video's resolution, then let the TV handle picture upscaling.

In fact all Kodi platforms would likely benefit from such a patch provided they can auto resolution switch up/down properly in the first place.
Quite a few people have wanted such a Kodi downgrade resolution switch feature for quite a while now.

Thx @Koying
Thanks wrxtasy Great work, as always!
Can I use this build without overclocking? I would like to try and see the autoswitch resolution downgrade.
I'm not sure if I need OC. Maybe I just leave out the boot.ini and GPU tweaks?

This build has all the patches of your previous versions, correct?
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