ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
The GPU tweak is pretty harmless, it will speed up the Kodi GUI slightly.

The CPU Overclocking - boot.ini - tweak will either allow you to boot or not, it will not fry anything.
Also depends on the quality of power you are supplying to the C2.
I use the USB2 > barrel power cord fed from my USB3 port on my TV.

It's all pretty stable for me with eMMC flash storage. CPU / GPU Temp sit on about 55 - 65 Degrees C which is all pretty normal for AMLogic, IF you have a decent Heatsink like the C2 has.

EDIT: Also added to test are High Quality software scalers like Lancos3-optimised for SD mpeg2/mpeg4 TV content when it is being software decoded and deinterlaced.

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RE: ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46 - by wrxtasy - 2017-12-06, 14:27

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