ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
(2018-02-25, 05:16)wrxtasy Wrote: Transferred from Start HERE thread:
(2018-02-24, 20:55)WeldSpark Wrote: I have been running Odroid C2 for a while now, it's working great, but I want to buy a new device, I can sometimes see lag in the menu's.

If I understand correctly the next performance step (From Odroid C2) is Nvidia Shield, but are there any new devices coming that will potentially be supported? The S905 is a few years now.
To get a fast LE C2 box do the following:

1) Use eMMC flash storage for ultimate speed or get a faster Class 10 U1 microSDHC card. One with fast Random 4K R/W performance from THIS list (click)

3) Run a slightly tweaked 64bit LE C2 Krypton image, by doing a .tar update from THIS post

4) Once that is installed Overclock the CPU to 1.752GHz and the GPU by following instructions in the previous link. This also depends on how good your power supply is.

5) Every media players responsiveness is definitely improved by running a responsive Wireless remote like the highly compatible Plug N Play MINIX A2 lite with it's mini keyboard.

Personally I use a CSR v4.0 Bluetooth dongle with LE on the C2 and a bluetooth $15 Xiaomi Mi Box remote running from eMMC storage. The C2 is really snappy then Smile

Just be aware the NVIDIA Shield's bluetooth mini remote is highly subject to RF interference (possibly from Shield's USB ports). Even a casual read of the Shield NVIDIA support forum will see a whole lot of users continually complaining about it.   
 I'm amazed by your knowledge, thanks! Today I have a logitech k400+ keyboard, regular SD card with a original Odroid C2 power supply. But I will get eMMC and overclock it.

Is it possible to follow the regular release cycles when using the patch binary for overclocking? Or will everything be erased if I use automatic updates?
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