ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46

so first thank you guys for having this great community!

I've got my c2 connected with OG round cable in to my sony tv, usb3. Now, iv'e installed vanilla libreelec first and than i installed the patch that you supplied.
I can't to seem to get c2 stable with the overclock, do you think its all about the cable? Should I put it in to adapter and in to the wall or is there something else that might be wrong?

Also when i put in the code supplied a few pages back to overclock the memory i just go in to a bootloop and i have to reinstall everything.

I would love you have c2 a bit faster, I have a good sd card today. Can someone please explain in 'idiot' how to get this done pleease Smile

never mind, the solution was that the tv didn't send out enough, even with usb3.. got it sorted now.
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