ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
(2018-08-30, 11:20)raven6679 Wrote: Yeah, that's when the NAS kicks in.
Dedicated (HUGE) storage, which is available on every device connected to LAN and even WAN if you wish to set up a VPN connection or (lesss safely) forward ports.

What's even more beautiful, you can set up your own NAS with no cost at all, if you just have a spare desktop, which is running 24/7 - it's OpenMediaVault.
If not, then simply create a shared folder(s) on your home desktop with Windows or Linux...
 Good luck with that on a plane or a train with zero mobile broadband coverage Smile

There are still reasons to have local storage - particularly when travelling.

(For the record I have a large unRAID server and a small OMV set-up running as my PVR client - ODroid HC1 running Debian with OMV and TV Headend using an HD Home Run networked Dual DVB-T2 tuner, plus an ESXi virtual machine host running a couple of VMs for other stuff like home automation, Firewall, VPN/VLAN stuff etc.)

I still have uSD cards with TV and movies I want to watch on-the-move on it - and have been known to take small Kodi boxes (RPI, ODroid etc.) with me for easy connection to hotel TVs Smile
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