ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
(2018-09-17, 18:58)Stereodude Wrote: Edit:  Is there a way to see in LibreELEC what SMB protocol version has been negotiated with the remote SMB share?  I didn't find a way to look at it from the Windows 10 side for folders that are being shared, only for client side access to other shares.
I'm not a Network guy, maybe the Linux Guru's over on the LE forums have more info.

EDIT there might be a fix coming (Leia Backport) for official v8.2.5 after discussions with @millhouse. He might have a test release.
This should also fix the SMB Subtitles crashing I've seen with my recent releases.

Quote:Using your build a Blu-ray .ISO plays back just fine. The network access is noticeably faster.
Thanks, and that will be why I've never seen the problem.
The only change I believe was some AMLogic S9xx - Vero 4K - CIFS/SMB cherry picked patches for the AML Linux Kernel.

Quote:Both versions decode the Blu-ray to limited range 16-235 RGB, and there doesn't seem to be any option for 0-255 RGB.
Default output from AML devices is 8bit 4:4:4 - using a Limited Range YCbCr color space.

1080p Bluray uses Limited Range anyway. Video games need Full Range.

Quote:FWIW, a Chromebox running LE 8.2.5 gets from clicking on the .ISO on my SMB share to the simple menu in 25 seconds and also can't play back the Blu-ray .ISO smoothly (exhibiting the same behavior as the C2 with 8.2.5).
Might be a good idea to report this Chromebox - Linux LE problem as well over on the LE forums.
There is obviously an underlying problem affecting multiple LE Kodi platforms.

BTW: there are further Speed tweaks for the C2 available, in the boot.ini file on the eMMC/SD card I run the CPU clocks at a stable 1.752GHz
Also in my LE > Settings > System > AMLogic > You can crank the GPU clock up to 792MHz. Smile

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