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@rmrector: Hello!

Let me first say that I'm really impressed by what you've made here. I was researching some strange issues I was having with movie set artwork, having lost my centralised structure made for the Automator, and your addon was able to just sort it all out in one wonderful sweep. That got me thinking, and I wanted to replace Artwork Downloader completely. So I did. I prefer your interface, your setting and basically the way you structured everything.

This leads me to my question/issue. The skin I'm working on uses Skin Helper's extrafanart option. That seems to work fine in conjunction with the movies, but not the series. I've tried messing with the options and preferences, to no avail. I'm just a skinner and know nothing of Python, but it appears to me that the AD and your Beef are writing different things when series are concerned? I've noticed that my local art is present and marked in the fanart selection section, but nothing comes of it; the fanart doesn't rotate, it only serves as a pool, randomly selecting one static background?

I have nothing against the way you've organised the artwork in the add-on, but it seems a shame to be limited to just one image per Season, not to mention it's a huge chore to set up properly. (At least, none of mine were set up automatically, perhaps I've missed a feature somewhere?) It's the only thing that's really missing, and the only thing preventing me from using Beef as my sole artwork manager. Before I begin the tedious task of returning back to Artwork Downloader, I was wondering if there's a chance to some cross-compatibility option for series (extra)fanart?

Keep up with your amazing work!

Best regards,

Eminence 2 MOD, Revived & Improved

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