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Wow, now that addon brings some nice goodies! Now all that remains is for me to clear up some things that are still fuzzy even after some tinkering.

First, where do I get the animated artwork? Artwork Downloader had it in a semi-automatic dialogue, but I can't seem to access or change any of my animated artwork since I migrated? How do I obtain them when using Beef exclusively? When I want to add artwork, animated is never among what is listed?

The second query revolves around rotating backgrounds (pun intended). When I started the migration I asked Artwork Beef to "add missing artwork for all items". Could it be that the local fanart images downloaded to the root by Artwork Downloader which I didn't delete meant that it automatically wouldn't retrieve web artwork, but confine itself to what's there? I ask because I always see Local Artwork as selected in the dialogues. If this is so, I would appreciate a setting to forcibly re-scan the whole library per the settings and quantities configured in the add-on, for an easier transition? Right now, I'm stuck in between, with no easy way to cut the cord. Confused

Also, I added in the helper code to the skin, and so far it seems to be doing exactly what it should. However, I'd like to rely only on the main add-on and not the Helper, since that would simplify support for the skin, and might be easier to maintain in the future. I am testing out a fadelabel control, rotating the fanart1, fanart2, etc images seems to be doing the trick, and it seems just a tad quicker than the helper calls. It's not as modular, certainly, but then again my image code is rather centralised, so modular isn't too helpful. The question is, would I lose any features, aside from the modularity?

And, finally, if I do migrate to Beef completely, am I right in saying I'll lose all film thumbnails? There's a mention in the OP to that effect...

PS. About the series thing, to be clear, I much prefer a centralised series slideshow than a per-season slideshow. The whole process seems overly complicated. I only mentioned it in passing.
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