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(2017-06-21, 18:08)nikeb Wrote:
(2017-06-21, 17:32)robichota Wrote: Anyone having issues connecting to Seems to be down for me.

Yes it is. I get errors on every provider i ask for logo/clearart/discart since yesterday
After a while i didn't get the error anymore, but after that today i get again errors trying to download.

The problem on just solved.
Now is working and going good.

I have another question,
Seems like is having problems on adding the discart on movie sets, in right list view (i m using AEON MQ7 on Krypton)
When "Movieset - Discart" is enabled.

That means that if i enable the "movieset - discart" can't add any disc to my "right list view" collection (the single movie discart i working good)
if i disable that everything works, but now it doesn't add me any new disc to the collection who has a disc update.

I hope i could explain myself in the right way.

Basically, when i had that option flagged it didn't update with discart the collections i update. Just make me see the old discart, without adding the other movies on the set.

Now i de-flagged that option but even if i rescan the object it doesn't add anything to the set views.

New movies after the de-flagging are working propertly.

Is that some way to fix ?
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