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(2017-06-05, 02:24)Alanon Wrote: ...
First, where do I get the animated artwork? Artwork Downloader had it in a semi-automatic dialogue, but I can't seem to access or change any of my animated artwork since I migrated? How do I obtain them when using Beef exclusively? When I want to add artwork, animated is never among what is listed?

& @nikeb Animated artwork is goofy at the moment, even in Kodi itself, but Artwork Beef does make it worse. I'll look into Skin Helper Service (I'm pretty sure it is the one downloading and arranging this artwork so that Kodi can show it) and at least not clobber what it's doing.

(2017-06-05, 02:24)Alanon Wrote: The second query revolves around rotating backgrounds (pun intended).

Also, I added in the helper code to the skin, and so far it seems to be doing exactly what it should. However, I'd like to rely only on the main add-on and not the Helper, ... fadelabel ...

And, finally, if I do migrate to Beef completely, am I right in saying I'll lose all film thumbnails? There's a mention in the OP to that effect...

PS. About the series thing, to be clear, I much prefer a centralised series slideshow than a per-season slideshow. The whole process seems overly complicated. I only mentioned it in passing.

It's a month later so you are probably one way or the other on this by now, but Artwork Beef will use the local artwork as the first selected, but if you have set the limit higher in the add-on settings then it should fill the rest from web services. Local artwork takes precedence to match scraper behavior, as one way to override the automatic selection. After you remove the local files, the next time each item is processed the images that were local files will be replaced with more images from web services.

A fadelabel control, I think that'll do it, you mad genius! I was wanting a way to do this without the plugin, but I just couldn't figure it out. The fadelabel may even be able to do what the `smartseries` plugin path is meant for, not resetting the displayed artwork when navigating from a series list to season list to episode list. Other than maybe that, I don't think you'll be missing much. I'll have to look into this, see if it could be turned into an easy to use include for skinners.

Artwork Beef won't add new movie thumbnails from web services. I'm still trying to leave all downloading and caching to Kodi, and I don't know of a simple way to control the size of artwork added this way, and Kodi's image resizer (from cached size to actual display in skin) doesn't produce the best result when greatly downsizing an image, so I don't want to just plop it right in at full fanart size.

PS I do too, but I thought that could be used to good effect for some series.

@Everyone I'll see what I can do to reduce the number of notifications when a web service is unavailable.

(2017-06-23, 12:06)nikeb Wrote: I have another question,
Seems like is having problems on adding the discart on movie sets, in right list view (i m using AEON MQ7 on Krypton)
When "Movieset - Discart" is enabled.

It looks like Skin Helper Service caches the list of discart for movies in sets, so when you change the discart for a movie in the set it doesn't change in the movie set view right away. Is that what you are seeing? Those images should show the updated image when the cache expires, which is probably less than a day.
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