Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2017-07-21, 00:03)rmrector Wrote: @Alanon.

"Choose art" is Kodi's built-in function to change artwork, and it doesn't quite work as you'd expect for these additional art types, usually showing posters (but this is still the place to go if you want to manually select a file from the filesystem). The one to use for Artwork Beef is "Select artwork...".

That behavior shouldn't be happening on "Select artwork...", so we'll need to do a bit of troubleshooting. On the first window after choosing "Select artwork...", is there a button to "Search for set"? If not maybe you have the older context menu item "Select artwork to add" that can point to Artwork Downloader, so you're seeing that instead. Actually choosing "Search for set" shouldn't be needed, but you might try it once or twice to see if that helps. If it's still not working, a debug log might have more useful information, can you post one with a couple attempts at "Select artwork..."?

Right on the money. I indeed have the "Select artwork to add" context menu from the repo. However, it has a setting to point to beef which is active, and that's why I didn't think twice before presuming that everything was ok on that front. The thing is, it turns out that I have both "Select artwork to add" and "Select artwork...", and completely ignored the latter, which works perfectly.

It would seem that the context menu is not at all needed, as I presume that "Select artwork..." is the add-on's native context menu? Though I'm still flummoxed, as I have disabled AD, did the old context activate old code or what? If I might make a suggestion, to maybe note in the OP that the context add-ons aren't needed? I know that when I first installed the repo, I received the notifications for updates of the original context items, and just presumed that they were the thing meant to be used, and thought no more of it.

Anyway, the "Select artwork..." works perfectly, and everything can be changed. With that sorted, and the seasons and episodes rotating the fanart, I can now peacefully remove AD from Kodi. Nod
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