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(2017-10-10, 09:30)Jondar Wrote: First of all, thanks for the great addon. I switched to this from Artwork Downloader, since I was fed up with having duplicate files for certain types of artwork Smile

I've had few problems in the change over, but I can't seem to get episode thumbs for newly added tvshows to work.  Some are being grabbed from TVDB, but some aren't, even though they are visible on the TVDB site.  I've even tried the "get thumbs from video file", but that doesn't seem to work either.

I have "Automatically add from filesystem only" set to On, since I want to use files (such as posters/banners/logos/fanart) I already have since I scrape them outside of Kodi before adding new shows/movies.

Any thoughts as to why it's not working for episode thumbs that are missing?


Artwork Beef doesn't add thumbnails from web services itself, they should be set from the scraper, as an image file next to the episode video file, or a URL specified in the episode NFO file. The options to generate thumbs in Artwork Beef sets each episode up so that Kodi generates the thumbnail, but Kodi won't do it right away.

The options to generate thumbs need the Kodi setting "Extract thumbnails and video information" enabled, which may be disabled by default on some platforms, and then you need to navigate to a list containing the episode in the video library window (MyVideoNav.xml) to get Kodi to generate the thumbnail.

(2017-10-11, 01:26)fnwc Wrote: Does this plugin support local files? It would be nice if it first checked for the presence of local files (e.g., logo.png) and used that before falling back to caching any remote version.

It does indeed support local files, and will prefer those during automatic processing. There is even an option in the add-on settings to only use artwork from the file system when running auto, to avoid wasting time and network resources if you already have all of the artwork you want locally.
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