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(2017-10-29, 13:03)estuary_enthusiast Wrote: Hi, I'm using kodi 18 with estuary mod. I set fansat to 5. But, it only shows 1, and sometimes it's blank no fanart. What should I do?
And the artwork not autodownloaded, I must go to each movie, then it start downloading Sad

Can you post a link to the Estuary mod you are using? Multiple fanart needs to be handled differently in skins as Artwork Beef doesn't replicate the classic extrafanart interface for them.

By not auto-downloading, do you mean that you need to run the context item "Add missing artwork" for each item before you can see artwork, or that you need to just view the movie in the library window, but it won't load on the home window until you do? If it's the second, then it could be related to some goofy behavior I've seen on the home window and taking a look at the skin could help me narrow down the problem. If the first, double check that the main add-on option "Automatically add artwork for new items" is enabled, and then run the add-on and select "add missing artwork for new items".

Recently I have encountered intermittent errors when Kodi first downloads artwork from which could have a similar effect, when Kodi doesn't successfully get an image from a web service it may not try again until you switch to a different window.

(2017-10-29, 23:14)dodgePT Wrote: Hi, 

I've just registered in order to thank you. This addon just saved me a ton of work, my previous Kodi installation HDD died and the Artwork Downloader Addon is simply not working, so I thought I'd have to rebuild everything manually.

Thank god I found your addon! It even used all my local images, for movie sets too.

Great job you did here, with all due respect to the AD addon developer, your is far superior.


(2017-10-30, 13:28)Guilouz Wrote: Is it possible to integrate artworks for music (artists and albums) from ?

Possibility to scan or not missing artworks after library update ? We have no choice.

And is it possible to add in setting possibility to use our own API key for TheMovieDB and TVDB like ?


I don't have any concrete plans for the music library yet. Kodi's music library doesn't support the wide variety of artwork that the video library supports, so Artwork Beef's support would be limited to the same artwork as the scrapers, or it would have to download the artwork so skins could access it from the file system, but I'd still prefer not to download artwork directly.

You can disable processing after library updates by disabling the add-on option "Automatically add artwork for new items", then process new items whenever you choose by running Artwork Beef from Program Add-ons and selecting "add missing artwork for new items". Disabling the automatic processing for new items also disables the processing of "old" items that haven't been processed for awhile, and may have new artwork available at web services or in the file system, so use the action "add missing artwork for old items" when you want to process them.

There is no option to change API keys for TMDB and TVDB. Artwork Beef doesn't have any functionality for using individual identifiers for users for other services like it does, and they do not want each user to register for a project key. If Artwork Beef's keys are later misappropriated and then disabled, I intend to find out why and fix it. The final remedy may be to allow users to enter their own project key, but I'd prefer to avoid it unless misappropriation becomes a habit.
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