Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2017-10-31, 03:00)estuary_enthusiast Wrote: ...

Here: 306757 (thread)

Ya, it's the second. I must view all of them one by one Sad
As you can see, some cdart and clearlogo start downloading after I view the movie

At the moment that Estuary mod doesn't support these multiple fanart, but That's how Kodi's image cache works, it won't download any images until a skin tries to display it. It only happens once per image as long as you don't wipe out your thumbnail cache, and I like that Kodi only downloads images when it needs to display them, so I'm not sure I'll do anything to change that for now. You could use Milhouse's Texture Cache Maintenance utility to preload them, though that's a CLI script.

(2017-10-31, 03:33)Guilouz Wrote: ...

I have another question. I try to use multifanart (with script.artwork.helper), on widgets (so in container), with Kodi Leia we can use $INFO[Container.ListItem.Art(fanart)] (without ID).

I have try 'plugin://script.artwork.helper/multiimage/container/?refresh=$INFO[ListItem.DBID]&&arttype=fanart' but not working.

The `container` path is intended to get images from the container rather than the focused list item (I'm not sure how useful it is, to be honest). You will want the `listitem` path, but at the moment it doesn't support accessing these InfoLabels in Leia without a container ID. I'll try to update it soon, but it's also possible to get these images without a plugin. example-multifanart.xml is a quick example of how that can work.
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