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(2017-10-31, 11:36)estuary_enthusiast Wrote: My problem is my internet on home is limited and slow. So, I need to go to public wifi to download all artwork. I've alot of movie and series to display one by one. And if I don't do that, When I open kodi without internet, the movie in library just show the blank cdart.

Yeah, Artwork Beef doesn't handle a situation like that well on its own. Milhouse's utility can cache the artwork after Artwork Beef adds it. Another option might be to use an external info manager to gather the artwork next to your media and then Artwork Beef will add those images to the library.

(2017-10-31, 13:27)Guilouz Wrote: I have try to use 'plugin://script.artwork.helper/multiimage/listitem/?refresh=$INFO[ListItem.TVShowTitle]&&containerid=61001&&arttype=fanart' on my episodes widget with ID 61001 but no fanart

Those are lists of episodes, so try setting the arttype to "tvshow.fanart". I haven't actually tested Artwork Helper on Leia yet, so I just THINK that should work, but I will work on Leia compatibility this week.

(2017-10-31, 13:27)Guilouz Wrote: I have try fadelabel on widgets, it's working but fanarts change only when I focus another item and go back on previous. I would like to see multifanarts when I stay on item (like with multiimage). It's working when I use Artwork Helper on library but not on widgets.

For the fadelabel trick, the "<pauseatend>30000</pauseatend>" is what determines how long each image is displayed, in milliseconds. Lower the number if you want it to switch faster.
I've also seen new images fail to load with  a `multiimage` control with a single image path (like the fadelabel trick provides) on the home window when the next image hasn't been downloaded yet, which could cause this if all fanart hasn't been cached yet; I'm trying to narrow down the cause and possibly come up with a small fix for Kodi.

Edit: @fnwc Not yet, but both are good ideas; I'll put them on the list.
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