Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2017-11-02, 13:27)Guilouz Wrote: ...

All is working now ! Thanks.

Excepted for widgets from Skin Helper Service (like Next aired episodes), it returns nothing, not even a simple fanart.

And not working on dialog info too, when press 'i' button on widget (tried with or without container prefix). Ok on library.

The Next aired episodes aren't in the library yet and don't have a DBID, so you'll need to use something else for the refresh, like Label. Label is probably a good choice for "refresh" on the home window in general. I tried a few widgets from Skin Helper Widgets 1.0.35 and it was working with the same Artwork Helper paths that worked for similar built in widgets, including Next aired with this change.

Ohh, foiled by DialogInfo. I was afraid that trick was too good to be true. Anyway, give the new HEAD of master a try. You'll need to add the parameter "containerid=" on the home window, with an intentionally empty value to match the implicit container reference.
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