Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2017-11-05, 14:57)elchupete Wrote: Hi there,

my prefered skin estuary mod v2 changed from artwork downloader to artwork beef.

I use Emby and Emby plugin to manage my media including artwork. Emby plugin pulls artwork from emby server and stores it in local kodi filesystem.

I assume, that I can simply activate automatically add from filesystem only option and everything works as before?

Thanks and best regards


If by "local kodi filesystem" you mean artwork is placed next to the media files themselves ("300-fanart.jpg" is next to "300.mkv") then that is spot on.

I haven't used Emby much, so I can't be sure, but the Emby add-on for Kodi may already set artwork in the Kodi library itself, along with the rest of the media info. You may only need Artwork Helper in that case, and use Emby to manage artwork on the server rather than Artwork Beef.

(2017-11-06, 01:27)abescalamis Wrote: I'm changing to Artworkbeef and I also use Ember Media, I want to know the rename way that artworkbeef uses, Kodi way or artwork downloader way? The reason for me to ask this is for set Ember Media manager to match the way artworkbeef renames the artwork.

Also, is there an option to save the artwork locally, I couldn't find any option for this in the addon setting.

Thanks awesome work, a lot are starting to use you add-on.

Kodi's naming scheme is preferred, but it supports both. 

There is no way to save artwork locally. That's due to the biggest difference from Artwork Downloader: Artwork Beef doesn't actually download anything, but only adds artwork URLs/paths into the Kodi library (like scrapers) so that Kodi can download artwork as part of its caching process, when a skin wants to show the image.

I used artwork next to media files early on (I remember when some mad genius came up with the "wide icons" hack!), absolutely hated managing all of it and stopped doing that as soon as I could (Kodi 12 Frodo), but it really is the simplest way to store and share information and artwork among several Kodi installs, so... I may come around some day.

(2017-11-06, 09:07)Code101 Wrote: This has been an awesome add on and a life saver after having problems with Artwork Downloader. However after the most recent update I'm getting an error that says "No web service ID's available." And no artwork is downloaded. Any idea what could be the problem. Any help would be much appreciated.

Does this happen for one particular media type (movies, TV shows, etc) or all types? Does it happen for all items (including items that existed before the update), or just newly added items, or a random smattering of each? What scrapers do you have configured, and if you use an NFO manager, which one, including version?
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