Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2017-11-07, 00:57)rmrector Wrote:
(2017-11-06, 13:10)docwra Wrote: Just out of interest, what artwork are you missing from the music library support?
I thought there was a recent PR to fix that for cdart and banners...

EDIT: 11754 (PR)
That PR only applies to scrapers/information providers and library imports. JSON-RPC can only get fanart and thumb for artists, and can't set any artwork in the music library at all (artists or albums), so Artwork Beef can do nothing (JSON-RPC is the only sanctioned way for it to interact with the library). Additionally, Kodi needs a "Choose art" option in the GUI so users can set extended artwork manually, for both artists and albums at least.

If I am spoonfed some more detail, then as the dev with most interest in the music library I may be able to improve this. But I have lots to do already so it needs to be made easy for me and clear what the requirements are. I don't use the video lib, nor bother with addons much so I don't know by default what that does or what is wanted.

So for example if you can mock up examples of what the JSON API calls could be like (from similar in video) and what you want them to achieve then that would help. Even better start a thread in Music Support discussing it, I will spot anything posts in that subforum.
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