Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
Also a new user recently migrated from artwork downloader leveraging estuarymod v2.   

Artwork Beef is working great and i cleared and refreshed the artwork for my collection, followed by caching everything with   I like that the reference to everything is stored in the DB and there is no need for an 'extrafanart' folder, but it has a side-effect that I was hoping someone could assist me with.   

I had been using artwork downloader, then occasionally exported my library to separate files using kodi.    With artwork beef, this has the following effect (I think, may not be 100%):
  1. Artwork identified via plugin is added to texture13.db with url (internet) reference
  2. artwork is cached via whatever means (browsing kodi,, etc)
  3. I export the video library to store the artwork with the videos, which creates movie-fanart??.jpg (so far so good)
    in this example lets say there is 5 pieces of fanart
  4. I rerun artwork beef at a later time, all URL references i are replaced with local references (SMB path in my case) (also good)
  5. Additionally, artwork identified in #1 (above) is identified as 'new' or additional and added to the texture13.db
  6. repeat #2
  7. I export the library again, and the artwork is exported, but as there is now duplicate references to the same artwork, fanart 6-10 is created although they are duplicates of 1-5.  
I know this is not strictly an artwork beef issue, but wanted to see of there are any thoughts on a better approach to storing the identified artwork with the media.  

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