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I have just released version 0.12.2 of Artwork Beef, with a fix for the missing web service IDs on Jarvis, a French translation by Guilouz, and I also gave the notification at the end of processing a quick rebobble so that it doesn't pop up over videos. Instead it's the last message of the progress bar, and most skins hide the progress bar when playing a video full screen (and often visualizations and maybe other instances), so it shouldn't be so bothersome.

I also released version 0.8.0 of Artwork Helper, which fixes Leia compatibility, and breaks compatibility with Jarvis and below. The previous version 0.7.1 is still available for them.
(2017-11-09, 01:09)wallacebw Wrote: ...
Thanks, I took a look at the and *should* be able to make this work to write the art with the media, but won't artwork beef end up in the same place of either seeing the 'local' or 'internet' art as new or does artworkbeef leverage the texture.imagehash field to validate content regardless of SRC?  

Artwork Beef will only automatically search for new artwork from web services if you have less than the amount configured in the add-on settings, but if there are fewer images available from the web services then that could still happen. For my use I keep the limit at 5, and select more for items that can really benefit. Exporting with Kodi will make the exported files look new to Artwork Beef, which it then adds to the existing URLs (then rearranges them so that they get assigned to the order that their filename determines), resulting in doubles. Using mklocal will actually replace the URLs with local file paths so the next time Artwork Beef comes around it doesn't need to do anything; local artwork is already in the library, and there is enough to satisfy number requested by the configuration, so it doesn't try to add more from the web services. Perhaps an option to always replace URLs when new local files are found would work a bit better for folks using Kodi's export.
(2017-11-09, 16:21)lepoilu Wrote: Hello,

I have acted on the options to retrieve saga posters from movie folders, but it does not recover them.
On some pockets I have empty images.

Thank you very much for this remarkable work !

Yeah, Artwork Beef doesn't support movie set artwork in the library directly next to media files, "movieset-poster.jpg" and the like. I hadn't seen those before, are you getting them from TinyMediaManager? My quick first impression is that I really do not like that approach; it leaves duplicate files everywhere, and can be a pain to make sure each of them is updated properly when artwork changes; each made all the more problematic by the number of artwork that is supported. I suggest using a central artwork directory for local movie set artwork.
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