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Thank you for your reply.

Exactly, I use TMM.
The illustrations are all in the folder of the film. No need for additional folder, and if it is necessary to rebuild its database one does not use the data on line every time, at least the waiters do not force.

Thank you. 

Storing these images in a central directory keeps all the images locally for a rebuild or additional Kodi installs just as well, and avoids the noted file synchronization problems. That option is to pull artwork from a parent directory of the movies if that parent is for the movie set. For instance, if your movie folders are stored like "AllMovies/Alien Collection/Alien (1979)/Alien (1979).mkv", this will find movie set artwork stored like "AllMovies/Alien Collection/fanart.jpg". I don't like this strategy for other reasons, though, but it does also avoid the noted problems.

I haven't come across any other tools that work with movie set artwork stored this way, but I do see several that use the Movie Set Artwork Automator style, including TMM. It seems a bad idea to support a third option that introduces a new set of problems and isn't really suppor    

I wanted to mention that Ember Media Manager also support Movie Set Artwork and stores it all in a central directory. I store all of my movies set artwork in a specific folder, it is a bad idea to store the movie set artwork in the same folder as the movie or parent directory, at the begining I had it like that but it didn't work well, I end up using a specific folder instead and no issue whatsoever, here is the link if you want to check out Ember Media Manager options for Movie sets, it also works along with MSAA and Artwork Downloader. 319703 (thread)
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