Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
@lepoilu I'll make sure that's an option when I revisit notifications and progress display.

@Guiloz Just in case you wanted to test it out, I figured out what was (probably) causing the fadelabel trick not to work for you: the tag <scrollout>false</scrollout> is also necessary on the fadelabel control. It was hiding in my "default.xml" file.

@steve1977 thanks.
I do intend to submit it to the official repo some day, but I have no clue when that might be. There are a few rough edges in what is supported (mostly related to local artwork files), and plenty that isn't yet supported (ditto), so for now I'm happy with the Beta tag and more adventurous users. I also want to stay more flexible for new features incoming for Leia that can change how Artwork Beef works and what it is really needed for. Artwork Helper is much more likely, as it can provide skins with some benefits that don't depend on Artwork Beef and won't need to change so drastically. I was hoping to come up with one or two more features for it before submission, but nothing has really come up, though I have found a couple of neat tricks possible with just skinning, no add-on necessary.

Multiple fanart are handled just like the single fanart, just with a number at the end for each one like 'fanart1', 'fanart2', and so on. They can be stored in individual movie folders and are added from web services in the same fashion as the other images. This change does require that skins access them differently than the classic extrafanart, but it had many problems and the new approach so nicely fits into Kodi's existing artwork handling that I just can't encourage the usage of the old method.

I addressed export methods in the other thread.

@Streggi That's odd. My best guess is that the add-on module "urllib3" has been disabled on the other profiles somehow. Log into the other profile, make sure the "Settings level" is Advanced or Expert, then navigate to "System Settings" -> "Add-ons" -> "Manage dependencies", then head down to "urllib3", open its info and make sure it is enabled. Restart Kodi and try switching profiles again. You may also try creating a new profile and see if that has the same error; I don't use profiles but I just created one to test this, and I could switch back and forth without a problem. The warning isn't an issue.
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