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(2017-12-05, 20:54)rmrector Wrote: Specifically the problem Artwork Beef is encountering is the empty strMusicBrainzAlbumID and strMusicBrainzArtistID.   
Impressive to find one of 700 tracks that have it missing from 2,000,000+ tracks

I have fixed them now. It was indeed a bug with the accented character on track record creation.
"track": [{"idTrack": "32814830","idAlbum": "2117596","idArtist": "112325","idLyric": "264788","idIMVDB": null,"strTrack": "Señorita","strAlbum": "Justified","strArtist": "Justin Timberlake","strArtistAlternate": null,"intCD": null,"intDuration": "298973","strGenre": "Pop","strMood": null,"strStyle": null,"strTheme": null,"strDescriptionEN": "\"Señorita\" is a song recorded by American singer-songwriter Justin Timberlake for his debut studio album, Justified (2002). It was released on July 7, 2003 by Jive Records as the fourth single from the album. The song was co-written by Timberlake, and The Neptunes' Pharell Williams and Chad Hugo. It was also produced by the Neptunes.\n\nAccording to Timberlake, the song was influenced by Stevie Wonder. Musically \"Señorita\" is an R&B jazz up-tempo ballad, featuring an electric piano strut, cowbell in beat of the song, and a rhythm section. The song has been described as a Spanish \"number\" with a \"Latin flavored\" cut beat. In the track, Timberlake sings about a woman, whose attention he is trying to capture. \"Señorita\" received positive reviews from music critics, who commented on the track's general sound and lyrics.\n\nThe song peaked at number five on Billboard's Top 40 Mainstream chart. It also appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 at number twenty-seven. Internationally, the single charted in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and European countries including Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Ireland. The music video was nominated for an MTV Video Music Award in the category for Best Male Video in 2004.\n\nThe music video for \"Señorita\" was directed by Paul Hunter. The video was filmed in July 2003 and shot in a club in Los Angeles. The video also features cameo appearances by both Pharrell Wiliams and Chad Hugo. In mid-2003, Timberlake was asked about the concept of the video, but said that the video was still in development. He was asked whether he would be aiming his affection at a \"lovely lady\", to which Timberlake responded, \"No. Why would you limit yourself to just one?\" In the \"Señorita\" video, Timberlake performed with his live band.\n\nThe video begins, with the song playing, at an outside scenery of a bar. Inside, Timberlake is seen and goes directly to the bar. He looks at the stage area and immediately goes there. He takes the microphone and begins singing the song. Pharrell is shown playing the drums while Chad is at the keyboards throughout the video. Timberlake continues singing, but grabs the attention of a woman in a red dress. Elsewhere, Timberlake, not on stage, is shown dancing with a woman wearing a white blouse, while he sings the song. In another part of the video, Timberlake dances with a different woman. In the bridge, he sings to the two women and dances with them, in separate shots. Following the bridge he is then seen performing on stage. In part of the song, Timberlake directs the crowd of men and women, telling the men to sing, \"It feels like something's heatin' up. Can I leave with you?\" and the women to sing, \"I don't know what I'm thinking bout / really leavin wit you.\" Timberlake ends the song with \"Gentlemen, good night / Ladies good morning\".\n\nActor Owen Wilson and his then-girlfriend, Carolina Cerisola, appear in the video. Lanford Beard of Middlebury College Student Weekly, in review of the video, wrote that Timberlake's \"Mexicali saloon setting\" for the video \"embraced a certain macho, trashy playa aesthetic\" for him \"so we'll take it on the chin that this is the image he's building for himself and – love it or hate it – we might as well get used to it.\" In 2004, the video was nominated for an MTV Video Music Award in the category of Best Male Video.","strTrackThumb": "[url][/url]","strTrackLyrics": "","strMusicVid": "[url][/url]","strMusicVidDirector": "Paul Hunter","strMusicVidCompany": "","strMusicVidScreen1": null,"strMusicVidScreen2": null,"strMusicVidScreen3": null,"intMusicVidViews": "40513579","intMusicVidLikes": "74671","intMusicVidDislikes": "2347","intMusicVidFavorites": null,"intMusicVidComments": null,"intTrackNumber": "1","intLoved": "0","intScore": null,"intScoreVotes": null,"strMusicBrainzID": "5889fbcc-4611-46a9-b27c-4105e6fc58b1","strMusicBrainzAlbumID": "424620c6-e416-3ce8-bfcc-d5c59952456d","strMusicBrainzArtistID": "596ffa74-3d08-44ef-b113-765d43d12738","strLocked": "unlocked"}]}

Nice find! Cool
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