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(2017-12-30, 20:42)bobrap Wrote:  Thanks for replying.  I think I may be confused.  The way I understand it, Kodi does not natively support extrafanart.  That is retrieved by external add-ons like artwork downloader, Ember, Media companion, Etc.  Your add-on does kinda the same thing, but, doesn't put the extrafanarts in the extrafanart directory.  If I got this all wrong, I apologize.  Your add-on just keeps getting better and better.  Thank you for that!  

Ohh ya, Artwork Beef does something differently for multiple fanart. Kodi supports freely named artwork in the library, which Artwork Beef uses to add more than one fanart. Skins need to do something different to access them, but this performs so much better than the classic extrafanart that it's worth it. When I moved the documentation from the first post this info got moved to "Skin support".

@kardesken I am not sure what's going wrong here, and I can't recreate it. Can you upgrade to the latest nightly and try again? It seems to be with gathering a list of music videos, did this problem start after adding a music video, maybe one with a character in the title that doesn't display correctly? I do have an idea that might fix this, but I can't recreate it so it's more of a guess. If all else fails I can add more details to the error message in the next version to help point the way.
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