Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2018-01-03, 22:34)rmrector Wrote: I knew I would forget to mention something. At the moment the only artist artwork that can be pulled up from an album or song ListItem is the fanart, and no album artwork is available from a song ListItem if the song has any of its own artwork (like a thumb/cover). Ditto "Player.Art" for now playing music. Dave is working on that, but in the meantime all artist and album artwork is available on MyMusicNav and DialogMusicInfo from the container as "Container.Art(artist.clearlogo)", if it's not a playlist or other mixed list.
 Yes it's working with 'Container.Art(artist.clearlogo)' but for Player.Art, clearlogo, banner and clearart not working, only cdart.

And I have found a little issue, when you choose 'Get missing artworks' in context menu for an selected artist, album or song, it's download all artworks from music library and not for only selected artist/album or song (like for movies).

And try to use button on music info to download artworks for selected artist/album/song, but it's the same, it download all music artworks
<include content="InfoDialogButton">
                        <param name="id" value="104" />
                        <param name="icon" value="icons/infodialogs/download.png" />
                        <param name="label" value="$LOCALIZE[40239]" />
                        <param name="onclick_1" value="RunScript(script.artwork.beef, mediatype=artist, dbid=$INFO[ListItem.DBID])" />
                        <param name="condition_1" value="String.IsEqual(ListItem.DBType,artist)" />
                        <param name="onclick_2" value="RunScript(script.artwork.beef, mediatype=album, dbid=$INFO[ListItem.DBID])" />
                        <param name="condition_2" value="String.IsEqual(ListItem.DBType,album)" />
                        <param name="onclick_3" value="RunScript(script.artwork.beef, mediatype=song, dbid=$INFO[ListItem.DBID])" />
                        <param name="condition_3" value="String.IsEqual(ListItem.DBType,song)" />
                        <param name="visible" value="System.HasAddon(script.artwork.beef) + [String.IsEqual(ListItem.DBType,artist) | String.IsEqual(ListItem.DBType,album) | String.IsEqual(ListItem.DBType,song)]" />
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