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(2018-01-06, 05:56)rmrector Wrote: Well... I may change my mind about adding extrafanart. We do need a replacement for Artwork Downloader, or at the very least a patch for the API keys, and I think Artwork Beef is in better shape. Since I've done very little to pitch my multiple fanart changes to skin designers in the past nearly two years I suppose I can spare the 20 lines of code for an option to save multiple fanart to extrafanart so that they both work.

Number two is a bit more control over files. At least an optional recycle bin for deselected/replaced artwork, so that deselected fanart can be removed from the file system. Music library file support will come later as Leia matures, maybe moving around files later still.

Number three: what doesn't work the way you want it to, enough that I should give it a look before submission? Multiple movie thumbnails may come later, but maybe there are still some other bits that annoy other folks.

@Guilouz The plugin uses InfoLabels like skins, so it gets caught with the same thing: only exactly "fanart" is available from those ListItems.
But not working with albums and songs windows, only with artists.

I have try :

'plugin://script.artwork.helper/multiimage/listitem/?refresh=$INFO[ListItem.DBID]&&arttype=fanart' not working

'plugin://script.artwork.helper/multiimage/listitem/?refresh=$INFO[ListItem.DBID]&&arttype=artist.fanart' not working

'plugin://script.artwork.helper/multiimage/listitem/?refresh=$INFO[ListItem.Artist]&&arttype=fanart' not working

'plugin://script.artwork.helper/multiimage/listitem/?refresh=$INFO[ListItem.Artist]&&arttype=artist.fanart' not working

What is the proper syntax to use ?

EDIT : Working with plugin://script.artwork.helper/multiimage/smartseries/?title=$INFO[ListItem.Artist]

How I can use extrafanarts on music visualisation (Player.Art(fanart)) ?
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