Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2018-01-08, 00:50)rmrector Wrote: @Guilouz plugin://script.artwork.helper/multiimage/listitem/?refresh=$INFO[ListItem.DBID]&&arttype=artist.fanart will be the necessary syntax, but it doesn't work right now, for the same reason that clearlogo doesn't work (the only artist artwork included when listing albums/songs is exactly "fanart"). Dave is aware of this issue and is working on it, as noted. `smartseries` will also work. To use the plugin for Player.Art you will need to use the arbitrary images plugin path. Use $INFO[Player.Art(artist.fanart)] and $INFO[Player.Art(artist.fanart1)] and so on to fill it. The other option is to display them without a plugin and fill it with Player.Art(artist.fanart). However, both of these will show only the main fanart right now, because of the noted issues.

@elnino-1900 Does Kodi have permission to create and modify files on the file system and network share? It must. Otherwise I will need a debug log; turn on debug logging and restart, try changing just one artwork for one or two movies/TV shows to recreate the error, then turn off debug logging and post the results.
 Just try to use : 

Only first $INFO[Player.Art(artist.fanart)] is working, others not working.
 Estuary MOD V2 
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