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(2018-01-14, 01:49)rmrector Wrote: @Guilouz Yup! I headed here to let you know the PR was submitted, and Dave made a test build available. Here is a win32 build, or start at the test-build directory and find the platform you need, then pick the one with "PR13352-merge" in the name. In addition to including all artwork, it also gives you access to all artist and album artist artwork from albums and songs, when there are more than one, such as a duet. The first artist artwork is available as "ListItem.Art(artist.clearlogo)", and the second as "ListItem.Art(artist1.clearlogo)", the third "ListItem.Art(artist2.clearlogo)", and so on. The same goes for "Art(albumartist.clearlogo)", "Art(albumartist1.clearlogo)", and so on. Sorry about the miscommunication before, I do appreciate you implementing this into a skin so quickly. The last missing piece is setting extended artwork from the GUI (the music library needs a "Choose Art" dialog like the video library), but they should all be available to skins now.

Just try test build, all is working fine, all artworks on library (artists, albums and songs), on music visualisation, on playlists, extrafanarts. Thanks for your job !

And issue I have report in post #204 does not exist anymore.
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