Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
Hi rmrector

i just stumbled upon this addon looking for solutions to my extra art problems with Kodi scraping and AD naming policy etc. This seems to fit the bill exactly and looks great!

i have installed however i am having issue completing a full scan, my movie structure is as follows;

smb\\network share\media folder\movie name\movie and artwork files.

The issue i have is that some of my movies (about 20% and have around 1200 in total) are not unpacked i.e. they are rar files inside the movie folder. As soon as the scan hits a folder with rar files containing a movie i get error that it cannot save to the rar and the scan stops.

note i do most of my scraping in ember so almost all art is existing in the file system in format moviename-artwork type, and i have also exported from kodi to multiple files so have moviename-extrafanartXX in the movie folder also, but Kodi scraping only picks up basic artwork as you know, and AD does not recognize the new naming convention (i used to have clearlogo.png clearart.png etc but cleaned it all up after exporting to multiple files foolishly thinking as kodi exported it, that it would also automatically import on fresh scan to new DB) - i am using mysql on pc for library.

is it possible to set it so skip these rar'd movies and move to the next, or better still scan in or download and save the artwork in the folder next to the rar'd movie?

Note i am still using Jarvis 16.1

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