Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork

thanks that did the trick! it has sorted all my logo's landscapes etc and also my pre-existing extra fanart

loving the context menu integration by the way, and also it has done wonderful things with my movie sets ;-)

i use Aeon Nox Silvo and this looks for extrafanartxx rather than fanartxx by default, giving option to cache it from the 'extrafanart' folder but with limitation of 4 extra fanarts being chached by this process, and on export from kodi it goes to the movie folder as 'extrafanartxx' so all the stuff i had displayed in silvo before i started messing with naming and creating fresh db is now present and correct again which is great however, when beef did some partial run up to the point it hit a rar, i got loads of extrafanart and i thought it would be cool if this was also displayed but silvo was not showing it.

i tried running Millhouse's (i use it often anyway) to see if it would help but no change even though all was definitely cached. i then tried running advanced re-namer against a movie in my file system replacing -fanart with -extrafanart then again replacing -extrafanart.jpg with -fanart.jpg - this worked with nox silvo rotating 9 extra fanart using moviename-extrafanartxx naming convention. i then repeated against the rest of my media folders in chunks (there is a maximum file count limitation so sadly could not do in one shot) however i was not able to reproduce what is happening on my test move reliably. most movies still only show 1-4 and not the extra stuff beef grabbed and i renamed to meet what silvo uses as default, still trying to understand why that is....

i have two questions based on this

1 do you know of any skins in Jarvis or Krypton that will pick up and use 'fanartxx' out of the box to show multiple fanart?
2 is there a file i could modify somewhere so beef names extra fanart as 'extrafanartxx' rather than 'fanartxx? (would be cool if there was a setting where we could configure how this is named so it would override default and folks could easily set it to what their skin is looking for)

anyway thanks for this great addon, enjoying it very much!

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