Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork

its useful to download for few reasons -online  artwork changes over time, stuff previously scraped sometimes disappears - i have had movies with artwork, tried creating new clean DB and scanning and then no artwork available - downloading to file system in first instance prevents this, also if you manually set artwork for some items, custom fanart per season or episode etc and then export it to file system from kodi, it will never be wiped by fresh scrape and all would come back if you did clean install, and scanning in is much faster than scraping from web, and you don't need to rely on having internet connection to scan in..

if you hose your DB or kodi install requiring fresh install, having it all local brings you back exactly to where you were - with added bonus of all the orphaned cache images that accumulate over time gone some times saving you GB's from your thumbnails folders - before i discovered Millhouse's texture script i used to periodically  delete thumbnails and texture.db, and scan to new DB to clear out all the chuff from my thumbnails...

i have kodi DB on my PC in mysql and have two windows tablets, two android tablets, install on my windows PC and 5 cheap Chinese android tv boxes running kodi dotted round the house in diff rooms all sharing same DB - having local artwork keeps them all synced up and matching experience across all platforms, using to cache in conjunction to all this all makes keeping all the same and in sync a snip - and keeps performance snappy with now slowdown in menus as kodi caches images for first time on the other instances! i just update one instance from my PC then point to each of the other boxes and let it do its thing... so all instance managed easily from my PC in few minutes

i am sure there are more advantages but cant think of them now!
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